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Rosa Graf - Thermo Mask
Our Price: $25.00

A water-based cream from Rosa Graf with a thermal effect.  Activates all skin types and improves the intake of active ingredients.  Particularly for tired, stressed, and atrophic skin.  (1.6 oz.)
Rosa Graf - Phyto Mask
Our Price: $26.00

A stimulating cream mask for dry, demanding, and strophic skin. It provides a balancing effect and improves the moisture content of the skin. Very good in combination with the Lecithin Mask: first stimulate with Phyto Mask, then nourish with the Lecithin Mask.
Amintamed - Camomile Paste
Our Price: $29.00

A treatment for cystic acne and blemished skin. A soothing spot treatment for the skin to kill bacteria, reduce swelling and gently dry up acne. Apply before going to be and results should be seen as soon as the next morning.  (0.5 oz.)
Rosa Graf - Powder Care
Our Price: $30.00

Amintamed - Powder Care
Amintamed - Powder Care
Our Price: $30.00

Antibacterial, slightly tinted facial powder; absorbs excess oil. For covering uneven areas of the complexion during the day. Does not block pores.  (1.0 oz.)
Amintamed - Wash
Our Price: $33.00

This antibacterial wash gel cleanses oily and impure skin thoroughly. It removes excess sebaceous matter without irritating the skin unnecessarily. It should be applied in the morning and in the evening.  (3.2 oz)
Amintamed - Tonic
Our Price: $33.00

The antibacterial face tonic freshens the skin after cleansing with the Wash gel. It clears and invigorates oily and impure skin and ensures the normalization of the pH value. The skin feels fresh and can breathe again.  (5.0 oz.)
Rosa Graf - Sun Time SPF 38
List Price: $40.00
Our Price: $34.00
You save $6.00!

These new sun care products - Sun Time - contain a new patented technology, SunSpheres, a sensational sun protection system with little hollow spheres filled with water.  The incoming rays are broken by the water in the hollow beads forming several layers on the skin.  This considerably reduces the penetration of harmful rays.  Only the rest of the rays are then absorbed by our approved light protection filters.  The Sun Protection Factor of this product is 38.  (1.7 oz.)
Rosa Graf Hand Care - Manicure and Peeling
Rosa Graf Hand Care - Manicure and Peeling
Our Price: $34.00

On the basis of exquisite oils like sesame oil and jojoba oil, enriched with natural sea salt of the Atlantic coast and marigold extract ROSA GRAF manicure & peeling removes gentle but intensely unnecessary cuticles and horn-peels.
manicure & peeling pampers your hands and gives them a long lasting suppleness. (1.6 fl oz)

Rosa Graf - Eye Cream
Our Price: $40.00

A light, incredibly soft cream from Rosa Graf with Phyto-Collastin and jojoba oil to hydrate the skin and counteract the formation of wrinkles.  Perfect for day and night use. (0.5 oz)