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Sun - Exfoliant Body Gel
Our Price: $18.00

Sun Laboratories Exfoliant Body Gel is a unique body exfoliator that gently removes surface impurities and dead skin cells. The natural loofah and apricot kernels eliminate dry rough areas while exfoliant body gel attracts, absorbs, and holds vital moisture. It leaves your skin absolutely smooth and freshly polished.  (8 oz.)
Sun - Tan Maintainer Moisturizer
Our Price: $18.00

A luxurious, light, non-greasy body moisturizer from Sun Labs that soothes, softens, protects and quickly replenishes needed moisture to your skin cells. This exclusive formulation of rich Aloe Vera Gel and specially selected botanicals is extremely effective in maintaining your tan by restoring dry, peeling, flaking, sun-damaged skin into healthy youthful skin. For all skin types. Use daily to moisturize your skin and maintain your tan.  (8 oz.)
Sun - Tan Overnight Self-Tanning Lotion
Our Price: $28.50

For an instant medium shade tan that intensifies within three hours of application. A dark brown lotion as rich as the color it provides, from Sun Labs.  (8 oz.)
Sun - Ultra-Dark Self-Tanning Lotion
Our Price: $36.50

A blend of natural ingredients from Sun Labs to create the richest looking tan without the sun. Moisturize, hydrate and protect without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. Go deep and daring with Ultra Dark our most popular self-tanner. Ultra Dark brings on an instant tan that grows luminous and strong...and last for five to seven days. (8 oz.)
Sun - Dark Sunsation Instant Self-Tanner
Our Price: $48.00

For those of us who settle for nothing but the deepest, darkest tan available Dark Sunsation is for you! Dark Sunsation works especially well on olive skin tone or on an already established tan. These totally natural ingredients from Sun Labs serve to moisturize, hydrate and protect the body without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. (8 oz.)